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22nd of July 2018


Eric B & Rakim Ready 'Complete Collection' Vinyl Box Set

Eric B & Rakim will reissue their entire catalog on vinyl for the first time with the pioneering rap duo’s The Complete Collection 1987-1992.

The 8-LP, 2-CD set collects the duo’s four albums – 1987s Paid in Full, 1988’s Follow the Leader, 1990’s Let the Rhythm Hit Em and 1992’s Don’t Sweat the Technique – as well as two discs worth of remixes, many of which will be made available digitally for the first time as part of The Complete Collection.

The Complete Collection 1987-1992, due out July 13th and available to preorder now, also comes with a 36-page deluxe booklet, the albums’ original liner notes, a ridged slipcase and more.

Nearly 25 years after the rapper and producer parted ways, Eric B & Rakim reunited in 2017 for a Paid in Full anniversary concert. The one-off reunion turned into a full-fledged tour in 2018, including a gig at the all-star Yo! MTV Raps concert in Brooklyn.

PAID IN FULL1. I Ain’t No Joke2. Eric B. Is on the Cut3. My Melody4. I Know You Got Soul5. Move the Crowd6. Paid in Full7. As the Rhyme Goes On8. Chinese Arithmetic9. Eric B. Is President10. Extended Beat

FOLLOW THE LEADER1. Follow the Leader2. Microphone Fiend3. Lyrics of Fury4. Eric B. Never Scared5. Just a Beat6. Put Your Hands Together7. To the Listeners8. No Competition9. The R10. Musical Massacre11. Beats for the Listeners

LET THE RHYTHM HIT EM1. Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em2. No Omega3. In the Ghetto4. Step Back5. Eric B. Made My Day6. Run for Cover7. Untouchables8. Mahogany9. Keep ‘Em Eager to Listen10. Set ‘Em Straight

DON’T SWEAT THE TECHNIQUE1. What’s on Your Mind?2. Teach the Children3. Pass the Hand Grenade4. Casualties of War5. Rest Assured6. The Punisher7. Relax with Pep8. Keep the Beat9. What’s Going On?10. Know the Ledge11. Don’t Sweat the Technique12. Kick Along

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