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21st of October 2018


When We Are Constantly Trying to Fill That Void Within - The Good Men Project

—I know it when I feel it…

This deep pit in the middle of my being that I strive to fill.

No, not that tug in my gut I get when I drive by a Chipotle…

But that feeling of emotional emptiness. Like I just need to get something or do something so I can be full again.

After all, those perfect people on Facebook said I should be living a life of greatness, didn’t they? Maybe I should buy their course for $29.95 and figure out how to do that (in, of course, 7 easy steps).

Load me up with approval.Pump me full of piety.Tell me how great I am.Do what I want you to do.Fill me up. Now.

This void stems from a belief in lack. Of not-enoughness. A belief I bought into as a kid that was sold to me from the same inadequacies of my elders.

I find myself constantly trying to fill it.

But what if this void was a lie? A myth? A story?

What if I bought into a different story? One that says I’m already full. One that revealed to me that I was born full, whole, complete…

One that shows me that my job in this existence is to portray my fullness by living a life of this nature. A life of giving. Not so much in a material sense (although that’s part of it). But in an emotional sense.

When I live life from a place of attempting to fill up an empty hole, I proclaim to the world my emptiness.

But when I live life from a place of pouring my whole Self into everything I do, I proclaim to the world my wholeness.

The void in my soul is an illusion. Wholeness is my reality.

This one small, mental shift transforms how I carry myself through my world.

When I remember it, I start showing up as an instrument of creativity instead of an empty vessel waiting to be filled. I lean forward into life.

Oh, I’ll take the chicken burrito, with white rice, pinto beans, corn salsa, and everything else on it, by the way.

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Photo credit: Andrew Neel on Unsplash

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