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22nd of July 2018


You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have, You Can’t Receive What You Aren’t Ready For - The Good Men Project

If you don’t know how to love yourself, you will never understand your value. If you can’t comprehend your own value then it’s damn near impossible that you’ll ever believe you’re worthy or deserving of receiving whatever bountiful abundance life decides to toss your way.

You can’t give what you don’t have already, and you can’t receive what you aren’t ready for. Everything always begins and ends with the relationship you have with Self. Loving yourself is your job, not anyone else’s.

You’ve locked yourself away in a self-created false identity of being unlovable, undeserving, and worthless, and now the walls of your heart have become so impenetrably thick that you’ve subconsciously morphed yourself into some type of powerful deflector shield highly proficient in blocking, sabotaging and rejecting anything potentially offering the true, authentic happiness you’ve always wanted.

Life will break you open. There’s no hiding. That little shell you’re in won’t protect you either, for even solitude breaks you in its yearning. You are here to love and to feel. To risk your heart and experience more.

My hope in writing this is that one day, like me, you might grow so self-inflicted hate, punishment, and abuse that you too reach a tipping point, and that right then and there you choose to change your life by embarking on possibly one of the most radically impactful missions of your life:

The mission to consciously decide to stop settling for anything less than you deserve or ‘almost but not quite,’ or ‘just good enough.’

You didn’t come into existence to merely play it small. You are here to experience greatness, and not just greatness, but you are also here to experience love pure and simple.

I understand your hesitation. The unknown prospects of an actual existence where you get to be truly happy can be utterly terrifying. But the truth is while you think you are scared of is the unknown, the fact is you’re actually afraid that the expectations you’ve clung onto for dear life for so long about how you believed life was ‘supposed to be’ is coming to an end.

Have you ever thought that maybe what’s falling apart is happening on purpose? Maybe this isn’t about you being punished or life dealing you a shitty hand. What if this all part of life’s funky plan to level you up in the way that you need in order to redirect you into something far greater.

Have a little faith the universe isn’t nudging you towards self-destruction, mistakes, failure, and regret, but towards a new chapter in your story where you get to feel empowered by leaving anything and everything behind that dims your fucking shine.

So cut the crap and stop downplaying yourself. Learn from your struggles, don’t relive them. Stop digging around in yesterday’s trash in order to create today’s experience. The only reason you believe you can’t shine now is that you’ve sold yourself a bucket of lies and then allowed disbelief, overwhelm and fear take you over.

Acknowledging my own self-worth through facing my fears was the best decision I’ve ever made and it’s positively altered my life in previously inconceivable and exciting new ways.

Stop fighting with life and allow it to do its thing. Let it cut you open and bleed out all the limitations and false beliefs you’ve been needlessly carrying and begrudgingly hold you back.

Only you can decide when you will stop living in resistance. What are you waiting for anyway? Some magical occasion when the timing feels all right and perfect before you feel safe enough to take the plunge?

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but this day doesn’t exist, and you will quite literally be waiting forever for its fictitious arrival. The reality is that you will never be or feel more ready than you already do right now.

There are no rules and no time limits…

Many of you falsely believe it’s too late to go after what lights you up, but don’t let the mind trick you. It’s never too late. I mean I get it, maybe in the linear sense, five, ten, twenty years ago life seemed more ideal time to answer this calling you’ve had in order to passionately pursue the life of your dreams, but guess when the second best time would be for taking action and manifesting your dreams? Well if you stated NOW as your answer than you’d be absolutely right.

So divorce your story and marry your dreams, and forgive yourself for not knowing what didn’t know before you learned it. You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time. People become inspired by the ways you handle your imperfections anyways, not in fake manufactured or misleading setups that falsely create an illusion that you’ve somehow perfected the art of ‘always having your shit together.’

So now that you’ve caught the drift of what can advance your soul’s expansion, go out and start claiming the blessings that are rightfully yours. Living is giving and there’s more than enough abundance to share ten times over with everyone.

The pity party’s over. Turn the chapter on your old story of “I Am a Victim” and write a new story with an entirely different title called: “Empowerment.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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